Volume 3 Book 5 Part 10 of
Living in the Bonus Round
(The Big Voice Chronicles)

Jimmy looks out over the place where John Kennedy was assassinated.
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June 27-30, 2003.
Arriving in Dallas!
We flew from a rather cool Rochester to a HOT Dallas, picked up at the airport by my brother, The Famous Piglet, who is lending us a van to drive while we're here. Thanks, Piglet!

Then on Saturday, we were greeted by the luscious Jeff Rane who had a great surprise for us, a huge full page color layout in the Dallas Voice.

Jeff Rane in front to Trinity River Arts Center.

Cover of the Dallas Voice.
Does this make us the poster children for sodomy?

The beautiful full page layout inside the Dallas Voice.

We had a day to ourselves, for the most part, so we decided to take a little trip around Dallas. It's been so long since I lived here, I can't remember where anything is. It's all changed with big new highways and tall new buildings. But first, Jimmy wanted to go to Dealy Plaza and see the place where Kennedy was assassinated.

FACTOID: Jim Brochu MET John Kennedy one week before he was killed. COINCIDENCE???

The School Book Depository Building
from where Oswald shot the President.

This woman was selling a videotape she edited herself with all the
footage of the Kennedy visit to Dallas. She assured us that
he was shot by more than one gunman.

Above the grassy knoll.

After wandering around a bit, we found Swiss Avenue and the place (the Gran' Crystal Palace) where I got my first job in Dallas singing and -- clearing throat -- dancing. It was here that I found out, at the ripe old age of 24, that "Broadway" did NOT mean "old movies." I learned that live theatre was actually being produced, and that Broadway was a street in New York where they have lots and lots of theatres. Unfortunately, the Gran' Crystal Palace does NOT exist.

This is the Lizard Lounge which used to be
the Gran' Crystal Palace, my first job in theatre
(and waiting tables).

Sunday night we made our way over to a piano bar called "After Dark" where we assembled three members of the TLS-Dallas cast for a promotional appearance of Big Voice. It was SO FUN! Our voices blend like a dream. The people in the bar were just blown away. Then Jimmy and I did the opening of Big Voice.

After Dark on Cedar Springs. Sarah Shelby Martin ("Vicki") singing.

Steve with Jeff Kinman ("Buddy").

Steve, Denise Lee ("Tryshia"), Jim and
a songwriter friend from L.A., Gary Floyd.

The next day, Monday, we spent an exhausting day in tech. Then on Tuesday, opening night, we will run the show in the afternoon and play the show that night -- it's opening night. After the show, we are going to have a TLS songfest with the TLS-Dallas cast joining me onstage.

Tuesday morning there was another feature in the Dallas Morning News to match the Sunday feature in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram. So, we happy that we're getting good press coverage. Also, less than a mile from the theatre, the Metropolitan Community Church, which is mainly gay and lesbian, is holding their Worldwide Jubilee. So, I'm also busy promoting the show there.

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