The Stillness
Volume 3 Book 6 Part 7 of
Living in the Bonus Round

Holding our Ovation nomination certificates.

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October 25 - November 3, 2004.
Ovation Brunch, New Tests.
Tests, tests, tests:
My last set of blood tests were really great. I think I might have reported this but in case I didn't, my triglycerides which had been up to 2000 were now down to 299. Still high, but WAY better. My cholesterol at around 150, which is great. So my regimen of no-fat plus exercise plus new pills has been working. I still have a way to go, though, so no rest for the weary.

However, for the first time since I went on the full anti-viral regimen, there was some detectable virus in my blood. Not a lot. Nothing to get excited over. Not even 600 copies, BUT my doctor decided that it might be a good time to take a new blood test to see if I'm buidling a resistance to any of the medications. This is a test I've never taken before because we've never had enough free virus in my blood to do this test.

(HIV takes over the immune system cells and turns them into little HIV factories. The drugs suppress the virus' ability to duplicate itself, so when the drugs are working, there is no trace of the virus in the bloodstream although the t-cells themselves remain infected. If there is virus in the blood, it means the virus is becoming resistant to the drugs and is now replicating. However, such a low number is not worrisome. One doesn't start to panic until the numbers go up into the hundreds of thousands or millions).

If I am building resistance, then we will go through the whole merry-go-round of finding new drugs that will work. What I hope is this is just an anomaly in the test. However, if we have to start trying out new drugs, then so be it. It's a process I would not be looking forward to -- new side effects, etc. -- but one I've endured on several occasions.

We'll see. One day at a time.

Stage and TV actress Mary Jo Catlett was adamant (leaning across the table), "If you win, you've GOT to tell that story." What story?

It was a small reception down in Long Beach for the nominees of the 2003 Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Awards, L.A.'s version of the Tony Awards. These are the awards voted on by the theatre community itself.

I had just told her how miraculous it felt to me that we got these two nominations against the entire Los Angeles theatre establishment despite the fact that we (Jimmy, Anthony and I) had no production money, no advertising, that we had designed and printed the flyers ourselves, had handed them out ourselves, etc. etc.

She felt it would be a great inspiration for anyone who thinks "little" shows can't compete with the big guys. Well, that's fine and dandy, Mary Jo, except we have to WIN first!

Jimmy in front of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.

Condos going up overlooking the ocean in Long Beach.

Around the side to the little ITC lobby.

Theatre LA's Lee Melville & actress Mary Jo Catlett.

A few nominess.

A few more nominees.
(Is EVERYONE younger than me???)

Steve & Jim looking cute.

Anyway, we got our certficates (suitable for hanging) and made it back to the Lex Theatre for our final matinee. And what do you know, a full house!

Stage manager Chris and his fiancee.

Directory Anthony Barnao.

Our entire set.

And on a personal note -- wait, this is a diary, EVERYTHING here is personal -- I am taking a two week break to finish our new musical and to put myself through another intense physical regimen of diet and exercise. We are about 3/4 of the way done with the show but I have more music to write, more lyrics to finish and Jimmy's book is already great. Want to know what it is? Are you curious?

Okay, I'll tell you. We are writing a show about marriage. It's a four person musical (which started out in conception as a revue but has morphed under the brilliance of my playwright husband into a full-blown musical) called "You Weren't Like This When I Married You."

Unlike "The Last Session" and "The Big Voice" this is a play that's NOT about us OR AIDS. Yes, reader, we've decided to venture into unknown territory: we're writing a musical with heterosexuals. After two "gay plays," we thought we'd do something venturesome.

On the other hand, marriage is marriage. This play could probably be done just as easily with gay couples if a gay theatre wanted to take it on.

In fact, I even concocted a little graphic:

Hopefully, we can have it finished within the next two weeks, or at least finished enough to put it into workshop. I'm very excited about the songs I've written so far, especially one called "How Do You Fall Back In Love". Jimmy thinks it's the most beautiful love song I've ever written. Steve?? Wrote a love song?? Yes, folks. I actually broke down and wrote a love song. It has nothing to do with God or AIDS. Now please pick yourself up off the floor.

But the only way I can finish this is to disconnect from the Net, focus entirely on the score and just do it. I will get emails every four or five days, however, if you really need to contact me.

Meanwhile, if you're in the L.A. area, be sure to mark November 30th on your calendar and join us at MCC-LA for "A Joyful Lamentation," the candlelight memorial service I'll be conducting that night at 7pm. It promises to be a very special night of music.

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