Reconciliation Express
Volume 4 Book 4 of
Living in the Bonus Round
(Part 3)
Fred Savage, Jean Smart & Joe Montegna at The Knitting Factory in LA 2005.
Fred Savage, Jean Smart & Joe Montegna.

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June 5-7, 2005.
Foot In Mouth, As Usual.
Monday morning. Phone rings. An excited voice on the other line says, "This is Allan Rich!"

I haven't heard from Allan in at least several years. He'd been on my mind lately.

Says he was at a Tony party where a friend of his, a publicist named Richard Gordon, was raving and raving about, "This musical." Anticipating where this was leading, I stopped the call and said, "Wait. Can you tell this to Jimmy, too?" I went in and gave Jimmy the extension.

He continued, "My friend Richard Gordon, one of my best friends, who is a publicist, has been raving about this play everyday and everytime I see him, saying it's the best thing in town and is only playing for a couple of weeks in this little theatre in North Hollywood. So we're at this Tony party last night and he's there with 30 or 40 fliers and says I have to give them out at my synagogue.

"I look down at the flier and there are your names! Steve and Jim! And I said, These are two old friends of mine! So I got out my old address book, found your phone number and called you. I have friends coming into town from Houston and I'm taking them to see your play.

"I just believe when someone talks about you, you should get to hear about it. Richard doesn't rave about anything. You know? I never see him get emotional about a play. So..."

Then, putting my foot completely in my mouth I said, "I was just thinking about you the other day! Some guys in the chatroom were talking about 'Miss You Like Crazy.'"

He said, "Michael Masser wrote 'Miss You Like Crazy."

Gulp. Egg on face. Idiot child.

I said, "I never liked it."


I had just the previous evening gotten a surprise email from Anson Williams who, for some reason was just thinking about us.

Since I have never had an email from Anson, it came as a total surprise. He gave me his phone number and said to call. So I called him immediately and we had the longest and best talk.

We talked about that day in the Emergency Room and how a simple act can change someone's life. He felt our shows did that and that they needed to be seen.

He said, "What's happening with The Last Session? Someone needs to make that into a movie."

I said, "Yeah, but you know how it is... Hollywood..."

"He said, "You need to find a rock star, maybe someone who's almost past his prime or someone who wants to take his fame and do something different and meaningful -- and who has acting chops -- and do it for spit. You could do it for a million. Bypass the Hollywood system and just make the movie. There's gotta be an indie producer out there who would jump at the chance."

I told him about Big Voice, that he makes a heroic appearance in that play, too. I said, "You're my constant angel in musicals."

He's going to come and see The Big Voice. Yay!


This past weekend was a hard one for Jim. He had a bad asthma attack on stage. We began our show on Saturday night and, ten minutes into it, he stopped and said he couldn't go on. The audience was totally sympathetic. When he stopped the show there was an audible sigh of relief and concern. Paul and Anthony went offstage to sit with Jim. Then someone looked back at me and said, "Sing 'em a concert!"

I totally froze.

Sing a concert? Of what? They didn't come here for a concert. They came here to see Big Voice. Luckily, the audience was filled mostly with friends we knew plus a few guests they had brought, so I sang "How Do You Fall Back In Love?" followed by "My Thanksgiving Prayer." Then, thinking Jimmy should be going home, I thanked everyone and they all promised to come back the following week.

Now he's home, plied with hot green tea, soup and some cough syrup (not suppressive -- just to break up the mucous) and I've been letting him sleep.


Monday night, I went down to the very hip club in Hollywood called The Knitting Factory to see the reading of a play being done as a fundraiser for Blue Sphere Alliance, Anthony's theatrical company that's developing and sponsoring The Big Voice.

It had three big stars in it, so I wrangled my way close to the stage and took photos. Jean Smart, Joe Montegna and Fred Savage. They were so good and so terrifically funny.

Joe Montegna, Knitting Factory for Blue Sphere Alliance.
Joe Montegna.

Jean Smart, Knitting Factory for Blue Sphere Alliance.
Jean Smart.

Fred Savage, Knitting Factory for Blue Sphere Alliance.
Fred Savage.

Fred Savage & Jean Smart, Knitting Factory for Blue Sphere Alliance.
Fred Savage & Jean Smart.

Jean Smart & Paul Kreppel at the Knitting Factory.
Jean Smart ("Designing Women") & Paul Kreppel ("It's a Living").

Dan Lauria at the Knitting Factory June 2005 L.A.
Dan Lauria ("The Wonder Years.")

And yes, I know I promised you Florence Italy. Next time.

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