"Screamingly funny...yet love is everywhere. Individually, the cast are vocal dynamos but singing in harmony they are heaven on earth...the audience joins in a chorus of sniffles. Written from the heart, Schalchlin's gospel tinged pop songs exert a rare emotional pull. Again and again, a fierce drive overtakes the tunes melodic strains. It is life taking hold again - hope rising on powerful wings."

- LA Times

"The premise is simple but the characters are rich, the script crackles with wit, the songs are stirring and the cast is terrific. Composer Schalchlin provides soaring anthems and stinging satire while writer-director Brochu keeps the energy high and laughs frequent."

- L.A. Weekly

"No ifs and or buts, you HAVE to get yourself to The Last Session - a raucous cacophony of morals, music, religion, life and love with ten powerful musical routines that will blow you away. Be prepared for dialogue that is quick, witty, wicked and wonderful. Through a variety of musical styles - gospel, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and pop - The Last Session is so rousing, heart warming, full of life and healing (also uproariously funny) that it had the opening night audience on its feet for a full five minutes."

- Long Beach Press Telegram

"An intimate and joyous feel-good musical with impressive dialectical fireworks and exceptionally enjoyable songs."

- Orange County Register

"Not your average musical. The audience didn't know what hit them."

- OC Metro

"The story unfolds with a brilliant blending of naturalistic style and theatrical imagery - a hilarious, poignant and ultimately very moving play."

- Coastline News

"Brochu and Schalchlin use a remarkable blend of music and humor to offer a memorable tribute to plain and simple courage - a moving testament to the power of love, loyalty and friendship."

- Backstage West/Dramalogue

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