Random Pics of THE LAST SESSION in Laguna

Rehearsal shot of whole group

Amy goes Hollywood.

Rehearsal of Tryshia seeing Gideon for first time.

Rehearsal shot of group singing "When You Care."

Amy & Bob arrive for the P.M.'s barbeque

If this face can't sell Mountain Dew, NO face can.

Best friends Amy & Maisey at the BBQ

Bob and best friends at BBQ

P.M.'s wife at the BBQ

Group singing "Preacher and the Nurse."

Vicki falls in love with Buddy's butt.

Friendly Fire: Praying with Guns.

Friendly Fire HA!

Jimmy and "teacher's pet" Amy

Seduction of a Postoid

Amy Coleman as Italian actress

Shawn again studying his copy of the Orange County BLADE with Steve and Jim on the cover.

Handsome Rick Stein, Executive Director of the Laguna Playhouse.

Vicki and Tryshia get into it with poor Buddy watching.

Stud shot of Shawn Decker, the original Postoid

All photos copyright 1998 by Steve Schalchlin.