An Index of Pictures from The Last Session

Steve Schalchlin as Gideon

Chip Esten as Buddy in a scene from "Friendly Fire"

Marjory Graue as Vicki making her entrance.

Francesca P. Roberts as Tryshia with Gideon in their first scene together.

Doug "The Greaseman" Tracht as Jim, comes out of his booth to confront Gideon on his decision.

Buddy, Tryshia, Gideon and Vicki sing "One More Song." There are two other pictures here of all of us around the piano singing "When You Care."

Buddy, in a nightmare fantasy sequence, sings "Friendly Fire" with Vicki and Tryshia as lethal marchers.

Buddy tells Gideon that he has made four CDs in his young career. All of them on Emma Records

Buddy (Chip Esten), Vicki (Marjory Graue), Tryshia--The Goddess (Francesca P. Roberts), and Gideon (Steve Schalchlin) sing "The Preacher and the Nurse." A view of everyone at their microphone stands.

The Producers, Cast and Crew of The Last Session.

Some candid (and not so candid) snapshots.

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