Snapshots from The Last Session

Jim Brochu points to the big sign out in front of the Zephyr Theatre

Ronda Espy (Producer), Steve Schalchlin, Jim Brochu, and Irene Oppenheim (Producer) on the phone pretending to be getting "the big call" from someone with "big money." The call will actually arrive very soon. I'm sure of it.

From left to right, these are the authors of "The Last Session." Jim Brochu (the book & lyrics for "One More Song" and part of the lyrics for "The Faces In the Music"), Marie Cain (lyrics for "Friendly Fire"), Steve Schalchlin (music and lyrics), John Bettis (lyrics for "When You Care.")

Here is a shot of us taking out bows on the last night just before Jim drags my parents out of the audience.

And here they are. My dad (the Preacher), Ronda the Producer, my mom (the Nurse), and myself, Steve Schalchlin

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