words and music by Steve Schalchlin
a benefit album for Youth Guardian Services

William was a boy in Arkansas
A little bit different
In redneck country
this was not very cool

So they called him a fag
And they called him a queer
They then jumped him on
the sidewalk after school

Tell me why does it take
five great big guys
To beat up one little queer


What do they fear? What do they fear?

William’s mom got in her car
And drove to the man in charge
(He said) Boys will be boys
here in this school

She said, Where does it say
The victim gets the blame
She asked him if he
thought she was some fool

She said why does it take five great big guys
To beat up one little queer

Why did you let five great big guys
Beat up on my only son

What had he done?

He said it’s Willaim’s fault
For walkin’ funny
She said, “That’s gonna cost you money.”

So she sued the Board
And She won the case
And the judge got pissed
And the school disgraced

There were TV crews
Fayetteville made the news
Cause reporters will be reporters

And the boys will have to act like men
Or they’ll see the inside of the courtroom again

And bigots everywhere will start to fall
Cuz of one young boy and
A mother in Arkansas


© 2000 by Lil Shack o Tunes/See No Evil Music

Carolyn Wagner is an active PFLAG mom. William has survived and thrived.
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