A Chicago Story
Volume 3 Book 8 Part 7 of
Living in the Bonus Round
Spring Dip, racehorse.
Posing with Spring Dip, the winner of the third race.
(Jimmy added the "Sweepstakes" blurb in photoshop.)
Photo by Four Legged Photos.

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March 22, 2004.
A Day At The Races!
We didn't really know what was going to happen today. All we knew was that Sue was taking us to the racetrack. That one of the races would be named after us or we'd be listed in some way in the program.

Jimmy, of course, preferred to simply call it by a more modest name, "The Big Voice Sweepstakes."

Sue picked us up at one of the stations in the Loop and we headed out to Hawthorne Race Course. Jimmy said that he and Mary Jo Catlett used to go to the races in Los Angeles just for kicks, making $2 bets. I told them that I had never been to a horse racetrack. I had, however, read and loved reading "Seabiscuit" a few months ago and I was really interested/excited to see it all now up close and behind the scenes.

Approaching Hawthorne Race Course.
We drove through the downtown area of Chicago (where I saw a policeman on a beautiful horse) and soon we pulled up into the parking lot. The modern brick building is wide, tall and majestic.

We entered through The Turf Club.
Owner Tom Carey's dad with Harry Truman.
Owner Tom Carey's dad with Harry Truman.
This was hanging in one of the public rooms.

Tom Carey in his office.

Looking down at the track from inside the restaurant.

In the center of the track is the scoreboard. Jimmy talks to Tom Carey.

Race 3 welcomes Jim and Steve!

Just before the third race, Tom and Sue took us down to the field so we could watch up close.

These are the guys who chase after runaway horses.

Down on the track before the big race.

And they're off!

The winner is Spring Dip!

After the race, we got to pose with the winning horse, the owner, trainer, jockey and with Tom and Sue. (Photo at top of page). Then we toured more of the facility.

Steve sneaks into the jockey's room.

Jockeys changing into their "silks".

The counting room!
The odds change according to the betting.

Into the vault!

Jim holds $100,000.

Large beautiful rooms where you can dine and bet.

Another race from higher in the stands.

Jimmy takes over for the announcer.

The Chicago skyline from the stadium.

Sue orders a big hot fudge sundae.

On the way home.
Little fella had a big day.

All in all, I won $1.20 from my betting. So now I can buy that new keyboard I've been looking at.
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