Uncommon Ground
Volume 4 Book 3 of
Living in the Bonus Round
(Part 10)

Jim and Steve in Hong Kong.

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April 13-15, 2005.
Hong Kong Picturebook.
On Wednesday and Thursday this week, in anticipation of our performances this weekend, we've been having blocking rehearsals and tech rehearsals. They are long and tedious. At the end of last night's tech rehearsal, I fell asleep sitting up in my chair while Jimmy went over the sound cues with our stage manager, Cate, who, by the way, is fast and smart and really seems to "get" our show.

Director Anthony Barnao, along with producers Murphy Cross and Paul Kreppel have been tireless in their work for the show, and very creative.

I should announce, too, that we have done some rewriting. We've rewritten the lyrics to "Why" (adding a funnier line/rhyme toward the beginning) and a complete top to bottom rewrite of "The Closet," making it a much funnier and more personal song. I look forward to see how they "play" in front of crowds.

The reservations are going well, too. We're going to play to mostly full houses -- and Anthony has spoken with us about bringing the show back in the middle of May and running it for a few more weeks.

So, I'm tired but excited. I love having new things in the show, and I'm really looking forward to being on stage again.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd bring the diary back up to date with a photo album of some of the shots we took in Hong Kong. And this completes the diary update of the cruise.

It was misty when we pulled into Hong Kong harbor.
Suddenly, the sun rose brillliantly yellow and pink.

A old Chinese junk against the modern building backdrop.

The Hong Kong skyline.

I fell asleep on the stairs waiting for some friends.
I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

Jim and Steve in Hong Kong.

A street in Kowloon.

A building in Kowloon.

Same building in close-up.

Not many people know this, but
Jim was the original model for this statue.

I love the way these stairs are painted.

Jim takes over the wheel of the fenicula headed up Victoria Peak.

Kowloon at night.

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

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