Uncommon Ground
Volume 4 Book 3 of
Living in the Bonus Round
(Part 13)

Jim and Steve in Lisbon.

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May 22, 2005.
Weekend Opening.
We opened this weekend to enthusiastic audiences once again. It's nice to be back on the boards working "The Big Voice." We're also using audience service groups to bring in disparate types of audiences to see how we play in front of different kinds of groups. And we're looking at the piece, top to bottom, to see what we can change, what we should change, edit or whatever. Everything is on the table as we prepare for our possible NY opening in October. We are keeping our fingers crossed and working very hard.

Meanwhile, back on the ship...

(May 8, 2005.
Lisbon and Gibraltar.)

Lisbon was fascinating. We found our way to the old medieval part of town and walked through the narrow, staircased steps. This entire section of town is being restored. It was populated by local folks and chickens and little non-touristy shops and restaurants. But there was still a big sign on the outside of the area so tourists could find their way there -- and lots of them did.

Walking in medieval Lisbon.

We found a special altar and glass coffin of Saint Filomena in the first church we went into. This was cool because Jim features her in his play "The Lucky O'Learys." We had no idea she was in Lisbon -- or Lisboa, as it's spelled here in Portuguese.

St. Filomena
St. Filomena in her glass coffin in a church in Lisbon.

There is a big, ancient center square with statue and arch that reminds me of the one we saw in St. Petersburg, Russia. On this one, however, there is a frieze of an elephant trampling someone over.

Lisbon, Portugal.

An old building left over from when Lisbon was Moslem.

Pulling out, we sailed under the second largest suspension bridge in Europe.

The next day we arrived at Gibraltar. I showed you the picture of the Barbary ape and the amazing mountain peak behind it. We walked from the ship to a center town square. You can see the peak behind these buildings overlooking the square.

On the mountainside, there was an old castle juxtaposed behind modern buildings.

We then went up to the peak using the skytram. It was very small.

Barbary ape.

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