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Steve's Fall 1998 Tour
Volume 1 Book 10 of "Living In The Bonus Round"
The Online Diary of Steve Schalchlin

Part 1 - San Diego!
(Gail created these pages from my public postings
on TLS chatboards.)

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Friday, October 23, 1998
A Coupla Guys in San Diego

Well, I guess this is the first entry for Book 10. I'm rushing right now because we don't have much time. Tomorrow morning I'm getting on a plane for Rochester, NY because I've been invited by the Red Cross to do a presentation for some AIDS education peer group teens. Then I'm singing a concert for the community at a library (I think) and then on Tuesday, I'm singing a concert at the Downstairs Cabaret Theatre in Rochester. 

This is on top of -- oh, hi there. If you are only just arriving, my name is Steve and I'm a songwriter on a most incredible journey. When I began this diary, I was sick as a dog, very nearly dead from AIDS and had just composed the songs for a musical that everyone agreed was a totally impossible project. 

A musical about AIDS, suicide, divorce, Baptists, alcoholism and homophobia -- hilarious subjects drawn from today's headlines. 

Anyway, we made it to New York, got great reviews, a couple of Best Musical nominations and that was followed by a production in Laguna Beach, California where we got 11 reviews -- all of them raves on top of raves. But even more important (for the investors) by week four, the show was completely sold out. So we went out with a bang. 

And now the question is.... 

...can we, will we open in Los Angeles??? Can't say yet. So, if you're interested, you'll just have to wait to find out. In the interim, Wednesday and Thursday, yesterday I took one of the stars of the Laguna production, Joey Traywick down to San Diego and we performed two impromptu concerts together to full houses. 

The theatre we played at was called 6@Penn Studio and they were mighty surprised when, after my PFLAG mom Debbi told them to book me, they suddenly got calls from Los Angeles as all our new fans drove down there and bought tickets. Charles the owner called me the next day and said, "Who are you???" 

I just said, "Nobody. Just a guy who was supposed to die but wrote a musical instead." 

Anyway, as we wait on word to see if we're going to get our L.A. production, I'm going on the road for about six weeks to spread the word and sing my butt off. My diary entries will be intermittent since I won't have my home computer, but I'm thrilled to get the chance to sing for new people. 

Anyway, Jimmy my partner and playwright/director is folding my clothes in the other room so I should go help out. He's been my primary caregiver in sickness and in health. Uh, cuz I need one. 

So welcome to the Bonus Round. We never really do things normally here, so I can't tell you if or when anything is going to happen. We just make it up as we go along. 

Thanks for tuning in. 

Sunday, November 1, 1998
Ready to Rock

In two days, I leave for a three week tour. That means I am not going to be updating this diary very much. But I will be posting my adventures on my Discussion board. We'll try to collate those and post them here at some point in the future. My good friend, Gail, who has a RENT fan site at is my new co-webmaster and she'll be helping me as much as she can. 

In case you haven't heard, it looks like Aunt Michael and Mama Ronda have become the primary general partners and are producing the new production of THE LAST SESSION at the Tiffany Theatre on Sunset Blvd. Opening night is Dec. 5th. And they have an army of fans, now dubbed Sessionauts who are joining in and volunteering their time. 

Here is what Ronda just posted on the TLS fan chat room board. 

OK! Here's the "skinny": 

The Tiffany schedule will be as follows: 

Thursdays & Fridays at 8:00 pm
Saturdays @ 5:00 and 9:00
Sundays @ 3:00 and 7:00

Prices will be $35.00 except Saturday night which is $37.50. 

With the following "code" (used at the time of making reservations) you will be able to get a $10.00 discount on Thursday evenings or Saturday matinee. (for sales through December 30th): TLSLA-10. There will also be a limited number (20) of "preview tickets" available for December 3rd and 4th @ $20. each. NOW! The Tiffany should be ready tomorrow to take your orders!!  Go get 'em!! 

She's so dramatic. But it's true, we're official. Jimmy and I are going to have our names displayed on a big marquee overlooking Sunset Blvd.! And, for everyone who wants to know, Amy Coleman, P.M. Howard, Michele Mais, Joey Traywick and the ever hilarious Bob Stillman will be back recreating their roles from the Laguna production. 

The Tiffany is one of the premiere theatres in Los Angeles. It also has a house size of under 99 seats, which means every seat will be like being front row center section. They are also bringing the creative team from Laguna, including Jimmy Brochu who will continue to direct.

The previews begin on the 3rd, but I won't be back from my tour until Dec. 5th opening night, which will feature klieg lights, a red carpet, the whole nine yards. This is going to be so exciting! and it will give us a chance to continue featuring TLS so that other theatres in other cities will want to produce it. I want Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle and Cincinnati (where they REALLY need TLS). A better showcase we could not have asked for. 

But it will be packed so I do suggest, if you plan on seeing the show, to get your tickets now. My email box has been overflowing with people wanting to see TLS again and again. 

So, anyway, Tuesday morning I'm hitting the skies on the most exciting tour adventure of my life. I'm totally psyched. 

Dr. Peter finally talked me into changing my meds. I'm now taking a half teaspoon full of NORVIR, the protease inhibitor with two Crixivan twice a day with food. This means I now do NOT have to fast three times a day anymore which will make my eating schedule way easier to handle. 

Norvir tastes, by the way, like... oh... peppermint gasoline -- and it lingers. It's supremely horrible tasting in ways I cannot truly describe. But a spoonful of peanut butter seems to cut the pain. 

So, off I go. This tour promises to be terribly interesting. I hope you'll follow along. And did I mention that I'm staying with my brother who calls himself Piglet on my discussion board when I get to Dallas? 

But happiest of all, in Memphis I'm going to meet one of my oldest net buddies for the first time face to face. Yes, I'm meeting Hoover the Pig. The porcine prince who loved my music first. Oh, and I'm meeting his humans, too. But who cares about them?

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