Steve's Fall 1998 Tour
Volume 1 Book 10 Part 4 of "Living In The Bonus Round"
The Online Diary of Steve Schalchlin

Part 4 - Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas & Denver
(Entries culled from public discussion board postings)

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From Lyndsay
November 12, 1998

Lyndsay put up a great review of the Philly concert - check it out - Steve in Philly.

From M
November 13, 1998

Awesome! Steve, it was wondeful to meet you and finally have Lyndsay off my back about how amazing you are...thanks for making a public concert feel so amazingly personal, and just in general for being around to show people how there really are wonderfully strong, caring people in the world. You're dream has touched many and i know no matter where my life leads now, knowing you and your music will make an unforgetable difference. Thank you.

From Kate
November 12, 1998

Steve.  All I can say is - WOW!!   He was absolutely incredible!  I really can't think of a better way to describe it.  He totally blew me away!  I cried several times, and I was just seeing him sing songs and describe the play.  He also talked about the RENT fans and how they are his favorite fans!!!!!  The doctor that created the drug that saved his life was there - I cried again then.  Steve was so cute too!  At one point he lost his concentration and said he was sorry but was going to have to skip that part.   Just as he was about to start with a song he remembered what he was saying... he was so funny! It was a wonderful show - it took my breath away!   Afterwards I bought the TLS soundtrack, and Steve's performance CD.  I also got a million hugs!!!!!!!!

From Lori
Phoenix, AZ
November 15, 1998

We had only 6 hours and 45 minutes to make it to Phoenix. The bad news was that we failed to realize that Arizona is an hour ahead of California and that we actually had only 5 hours and 45 minutes to make it to Steve's gig.   But not to worry, Deme reassured us that Leroy (her car!) would fly like the wind and bring us to Phoenix on time.  We pulled into the parking lot of the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral with FOUR MINUTES to spare.  (Deme, you rock!!!)  As we were getting to our seats, Steve spotted us from behind the altar.  "you guys are insane..." was all he said.  He rushed out and gave us big hugs.  He looked really good, really happy, just glowing.  We got to talk for a couple of minutes, and he promised that if we asked, he would sing "a simple faith," one of his new songs. 

Steve did his one-man TLS show and it was fantastic.  It was the first time we had seen him do a show this way, and it was amazing.  this was the first time we've seen him sing "The Singer and the Song".....Wow.  However, Steve was a little nervous and rattled, which is so unlike him!  He forgot the story once or twice and told the audience that it was because he was nervous that his friends from L.A. were watching and he didn't expect us to be there.  Later he tried to pretend that it wasn't what he meant.  But you know, whatever.  Sorry Steve!!!  The point is, everyone loved the show and there was not a dry eye in the house, including us - who had seen the show numerous times already.  It's just different to see Steve sing his own songs......

After the resounding standing ovation, Steve played "A Simple Faith."  Wow. He wasn't kidding when he said it was really personal.  But i think all his songs are, and the fact that they speak to so many others says a lot about the truth in them.  This song is wonderful.  After he did a little shmoozing with the crowd, we "forced" him back to the piano where he sang another new song as well as "Not While I'm Around" from Sweeney Todd.  It was really nice - Steve at the baby grand and us gathered around leaning on it.  I'm sure he loved having such a captive audience.  And, might I add, we had to practically pry his fingers off the keys to go get food.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, to the Gentle Shepherd Metropolitan Community Church, which holds its services in the ballroom of a hotel because they've outgrown their building.  "Life in the Bonus Round - songs and reflections from Steve Schalchlin" was scheduled about halfway through the service. Again, Mr. Schalchlin had the audience in the palm of his hand.  This was the PERFECT place for Steve's songs, and his stories.  ack, we thought the performance the night before was moving.  You have to understand what this place was like, the whole atmosphere was welcoming, loving, inclusive.  It was like no church any of us had ever been to before.  It felt like you belonged as soon as you walked in the door.  Everyone was welcome to be a participant, regardless of denomination.   By the time Steve got up to talk and sing, all he had to do was open his mouth and we were gone.  This was such a safe and loving place. The congregation LOVED him and his message.  And, as if things weren't amazing enough, the final song of the service?  ----  "Seasons of Love" from RENT, sung by a thirty-voice choir :)

November 17, 1998
Pittsburgh Part 1

Picture this: A big medical convention at a hotel in a very concrete and urban area of the city. When I arrived the night before, I went outside to look around the city and all I saw was blackness and concrete at every corner, although I did see a couple of sleazy porno shop signs shining through the haze. I took an immediate pass. 

So, I called the TLS office and got Mandy telling her to send a note to the Rent mail list telling them I was in town STRANDED and that someone should call me to relieve the boredom. I did get one call but it was from someone who was out of town and just wanted to say hello. (Very sweet). Plus, the multiple lines in the hotel made it impossible for me to log onto the net. But, an old netfriend Rob called and it was good to see him face to face. He and I went back a long way and have helped each other through more than a few crises. 

The next day he called me really early in the morning and I thought he was nuts until he informed me I was to sing my program at 10am!! (I am so lost without a keeper of some kind. Thank G*d someone always comes to my rescue). 

I went down to the ballroom where they had the piano set up expecting the worst as always from a hotel, but it wasn't half bad. The piano was nice but they had a mic set up pointing into it and nothing for me to sing into. I decided to just use it for the vocal and use the natural sound of the piano. The other thing I changed was the seating arrangements. 

All the seats were lined up square with a big aisle as if we were at a lecture. Hmmm. It was so cold and lifeless. So I got Rob to help me. We moved all the chairs forward until they were practically on top of the piano and we set them in a curve around me. It was so intimate and warm! 

Then as the doctors and nurses filed in, I was already playing some piano music to set the tone and I coaxed them into moving forward. No one sits in the back! 

Quietly, I began to simply play and sing. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. And I have to say that it got to me too. As I looked into the eyes of these caregivers, I remembered times when my own mom, the nurse would come home from the hospital and be sitting on the couch. I'd look over at her and she would be gently weeping. When I asked her what was up, she'd just say how she'd been thinking about someone who was suffering or an old person who had died. 

I thanked them for caring about their patients and I also recalled Dr. Zeev Neuwirth at Lenox Hill in NY who had been late for an appt. with me because he had stopped to comfort an older lady who had been suffering alone in her room. 

After I finished, they all hugged me and thanked me for a very unusual presentation.

November 16, 1998

Remember the critic who hugged Steve in Boston?   Here's the review (I think this is her :-)

Carroll Baptist Church
Southlake, Texas (Dallas)
November 17, 1998

The Baptists at Last
To say I was apprehensive about tonight would be the understatement of the year. Even though it was I who challenged "Pastor Bob" to "let me sing in your church," I wasn't prepared for the intense fear and nerve wracking trepidation I began to feel as the day approached. 

I shouldn't have worried. We pulled up to the church parking lot and there on the sign in big letters was "Welcome back Steve S." In the lobby was a picture of me from 25 years ago with a big hair afro (it was natural, by the way) and the lyrics to an old album all on xerox paper with my name highlighted in green. 

What were they expecting, I thought? That I would sing all the old songs? 

All my fears began to fade when, upon seeing me, Pastor Bob Stith threw his arms open wide and grabbed me and hugged me with absolute love and acceptance. We went into his office -- leaving my brother Piglet and Randy T., the "exgay" minister outside. 

Bob and I talked as I updated him on what had happened to me since then and before I had gotten three words out of my mouth, I was drenched in tears. He just said that they knew me back then and that they loved me and that when he first heard about my having AIDS and being gay, the only thought he had had was concern for my health. 

He also had said that his road to understanding gay people began when he found himself, several years back, preaching "on the evils of homosexuality." How in the middle of that sermon he suddenly realized that he was offering nothing but condemnation and criticism, and he felt convicted that if a struggling "homosexual" had come up to him just then, he would have absolutely nothing constructive to say. And that's when he began to educate himself and look for gay people. 

We spoke candidly about our differences scripturally. He said he had a firm conviction that "homosexuality" was a sin but that he felt a WORSE sin was to elevate it above other sins, or to see gay people as disgusting. He said, "Back when I was young we considered smoking to be a sin but we allowed smokers to be a part of the congregation. Why do we exclude gay people?" 

After we spoke, he introduced me to an older man who said to me, "I remember I was old when I knew you back then. I'm really old now!" and he threw his arms around me and said how much he loved me and how glad they were to have me back. 

It was this man, though, who really got to me by something he did just a few moments afterwards -- and those of you who know TLS will REALLY get this. 

We were in the auditorium and were preparing to set it up for the service when he came over to me, this senior who looked like a typical conservative Texas Baptist. He said to me, "Can I ask you a favor? Can I pray over you?" 

I looked at him not believing those words had just come out of his mouth. (This is what Buddy says to Gideon at the end of TLS). 

"Yes," I said. "Absolutely. Let's do it right now." 

He said, "Okay. Let me get the oil." 

Then he went into the other room and returned with a little bottle of oil, brought Pastor Bob over, tipped the little bottle over and put the oil on his finger, pressed it to my forehead -- by now I am totally awash in tears at this completely honest and selfless act of love -- and prayed for God to heal me of AIDS. 

The Service
I have to confess to you that I had big plans coming into this. I was gonna just manipulate them like crazy, throwing in a hymn and softening them up with a little fake humility, etc. etc. 

But Pastor Bob, upon introducing me said, "I have something I have been preparing for this night. I have a list here of sins I have been convicted of that I believe have been committed by the church against gay people." Then he looked at me and said, "Steve,on behalf of myself and the church I wish to apologize for these..." and he started reading his list. If you thought I was crying during the prayer, it wasn't Nothing compared to the tears flowing down my face as I watched this humble man apologize for sins such as anger, ignorance, judgmentalism, lack of love, etc.

He said the church should be a safe place for people, not a scary place that people have to leave because they don't measure up in some way. 

When I took the stage and sat behind the piano I couldn't speak. I was choked up and drenched in my own tears. I just sat there weeping wondering how I was ever going to get through the night. 

But I did. "Save Me A Seat," which had all of Them in tears, "Preacher and the Nurse," and "The Group." Then "Going It Alone" and the biggie "At Least I Know What's Killing Me." I went for it. I told them how my old friend had called me and told me "AIDS is a manifestation of the sin of homosexuality which infects your very soul..." etc. 

Their reactions were exactly as I knew, hoped and prayed they'd be. They cried. Laughed. Stayed with me all the way. And when I sang "A Simple Faith," forget it. Not a dry eye in the house. Afterwards, they all came up and thanked me for coming, thanked me for being so honest, told me they loved me and one man, a burly guy with a mustache said, "You know, I've allowed myself to distance myself from others by not knowing them. Just makes it easier to marginalize others when you don't know them. But you showed me your heart. I'll never look at another gay person the same way. Thank you." 

I also pulled Randy Thomas, my "exgay" friend into the discussion afterwards and told them that it had been a struggle for me to accept him and his story back a year ago, but that I felt I would be a hypocrite if I were asking for respect while disregarding him. 

Randy and I showed them that we could honestly disagree on "the Bible" and still love and respect each other as human beings. 

In the car on the ride home, I told my brother Corky that what amazed me was how hungry they were for permission to love. They were drinking in the idea that they could love more fully and include rather than exclude. They were loving, kind, generous, honest, devoted and conservative people, but Pastor Bob was opening a door for them that no one will ever shut. 

They hate the war just as much as we do. They were thirsting for truth and they took it in like people stranded in the desert begging for some kind of comfort from the heat. And I had water, but so did Bob and the old guy and Randy and everyone else in that room. 

Okay. Not everyone. I did see one older man sitting dead center watching me with a cold and unmoved eye. He didn't applaud, smile, laugh, pray or show anything except frigid coldness. 

But I felt nothing except sorrow that he could not look around and see the transforming power of honest love being displayed by a congregation that is rising from the ignorance of the past into the true light of Truth and Love. 

I knew it could happen. And I know it will happen again and again. As we gathered around the piano in the little hall afterwards sharing refreshments, playing the piano and singing together, I thought if any prayers could heal me of AIDS, it would be the prayers of these people.

Here is a list of some of the things Pastor Bob said to his congregation and to me:

"I confess on behalf of the Church that:"

  1. "In many cases we've been more interested in being right than in being loving, and have ended up being neither right nor loving."
  1. "We have in many cases lived by an unspoken agreement that "I won't expose you if you don't expose me. We've carefully crafted the appearance of being okay when we're not okay, and of being righteous when we're not righteous."
  1. "We've settled for a weak imitation of real Christianity, and have held to a form of godliness but denied the power thereof.   For this reason we've often had little to offer to those who needed to find God's power to break free from sin."
  1. "We've given the impression by our silence or by our attitude that sexual sins are worse than other sins, and that homosexuality is the worst of all.  We've fed the very dynamics of shame which have been keeping people captive."
  1. "We have largely failed to seek out the homosexual community with the Gospel, despite the fact that the Father is always seeking them in love."
  1. "We have failed to provide a place for those coming out of homosexuality, either in our churches or in our hearts. When you've needed a healed, whole, loving family to return to in the Lord, we have not been there for you. In many cases, there has seemed like there is no place for you to go."
"Please forgive us and please come home to the church. You're part of us, it's your birthright, and we need you."

This was delivered originally by a man named Rev. Flook. Pastor Bob adapted it by adding "and for this we apologize."

November 18, 1998

This is from my friend Randy, the "exgay" minister talking about the concert last night from his perspective. At one point in this review below he mentions some "young men from Denton." He is referring to our Daniel and then to C.J. in particular:

* * * * * *

This is kind of long and it took a while to write, I hope it makes sense.

Where to start.  Where are the words, is it possible to be beyond tears?  Is it possible to ... not know what to say?

I got a call from Steve around 2:30 and his brother got directions to my house and since he lives in Rockwall it takes about an hour to get to Hurst where I live.   I paced around my little house.  Went on the net to my forums answered a few posts there, didn't read email, I couldn't think too deep because I was too excited.   I logged off the net went to the living room put on "When you Care" sang that a couple few times, sat down and tried to read some more of "Perelandra" by CS Lewis, and somehow an hour went by.  I went back to my little office area in the extra bedroom of my house and I heard a car door shut.  I went back to the front and looked through the open front door and there was the best smile I have seen in a long time.  I couldn't wait to hug Steve.  We embraced and it was real...that is all I can say, it was like...real.

Pastor Bob was feeling puny and we were arranging to go get Steve a Whataburger because those Californians do not have Whataburgers.  I was thinking we would go get a steak or something, but I was just as thrilled to go get a burger.   Figures huh?  I met Steve's brother Corky and he is just about funny.  He is a very nice man.

I could sense Steve was nervous, he was quite open and honest about it.  In the car I grabbed his hand to let him know I loved him and he was going to do fine tonight and to not worry.

I think he did anyway.

Was I nervous?  Actually not at all.  I didn't feel pressured or a sense of this has to go this way or that has to happen that way.  I knew it would be awesome and it was.  We took our burgers on the road and ate in the car. Steve was wondering if I could eat while driving...little did he know that is what I majored in in life.... eating fast food while driving.  We got to the Church, and it was so cool to see Pastor Bob and Steve meet again after all this time.  Nothing shattered the Earth or anything but ... my heart moved when they hugged, that is a picture I have prayed for, that is a picture of Christ's incarnational reality in our time.  When the Church embraces the ones she is called to serve.

I went to pick up a friend of mine, Beth, while Steve, Pastor Bob and Corky set up a sound check and that stuff for the evening.  We got back and not many people were there but it seems like at 7:03 everyone was there.  There was a crowd of about 50 people.  Many I had never seen before and many I knew from Pastor Bob's Church.  About 5 people from Living Hope were there.

Beth and I sat front row center, I wanted to see Steve's face the whole time.  Pastor Bob started the evening with a statement on his view of homosexuality that was so humble and loving.  He then issued an apology to the gay community and even to ex-gays...:::::weeping now:::::: for the Church's failings.  He kept making statements followed with "and for this we ask for forgiveness."   I hope that he will publish that on the net somewhere (BA, the Waterline).

Steve got up there and well, blessed my little heart.  He was honest about himself and where he was coming from.   Told his story. I sat up front to see his face and yet it hurt to watch him cry.   I had to close my eyes because I couldn't behold the beauty of his countenance as he bared his soul.  The Love in my heart for my friend Steve spilled in that moment and a rush of Angels wings were sent in response to a prayer...

There were many moments during Steve's performance.  I laughed so hard about the Potsie thing I embarassed myself....well it was funny!  I grew indignant for the sins committed against him but the moment :::::darn I am crying again:::::: that killed me was when he was singing "The Group" there is a part where he breaks and sings with such a beautiful note "and I cried." That was like a dagger in my heart.

When Steve had finished singing, Pastor Bob got up and said a prayer.  Something in it touched Steve's core...maybe he will explain (he doesn't have to) but he was really crying.  I got up and went over to him and hugged him and said "I love you man, I love ya."

After the prayer, everyone got up to go fellowship and eat the food that was brought.  What?  You think that you are gonna meet at a Southern Baptist Church and not eat!  That would be SO wrong.   The whole night I just kinda stepped away from Steve to let him be with his friends and catch up with Pastor Bob.  In a strange sense, it was like, Oh he needs to be with these people because he doesn't get to see them often and I see him everyday... wait a minute...did you notice the miracle?  Because of BA I know Steve so well, that in person I am completely comfortable with him as if I know him through and through.  I watched him though.  His laugh, the way he moves about in a crowd, his intensity, his laugh.  Recording everything I possibly could in my little mind so when he does go back to cyberspace I will remember.

The fellowship buffet thing was great.  Talked with a lot of different people.  A wonderful lady from San Antonio.  The young men from Denton.   All the wonderful folks from Pastor Bobs church.  I did notice that "groupings" were beginning to happen.  Where everyone was kind of like oil beads on the top of water, splitting.  I didn't like that and just when I was getting ready to mingle and pray for "bridgerlieness" some of the men from Pastor Bob's church got Steve and corralled him over to the piano in the fellowship hall and he started playing some songs and singing with them.  Plus, Pastor Bob's wife, Dell, and a lady from the Church sang a song with Steve as well. I can't remember the name....Steve?   Steve and I attempted to sing Amazing Grace, but I was so nervous I messed it up really good.  Oh, well.  I enjoyed it anyway.

Then a BA moment happened later, I was chatting with the San Antonio lady (I don't think I ever got her name) about the floods.  I lost a friend in the floods down there and we were just talking about that whole thing when I noticed a group and formed around Steve and every once in a while I would hear blah blah blah...EX GAY....blah blah blah.... RANDY.... blah blah blah... THAT'S THE DIVIDE, WHAT WE NEED... and I decided to go listen.  It was awesome.   I looked around the circle and thought.."What a dream!"  Southern Baptists, gay students, ex-gays, friends, family even a little girl who was about three just running (and dancing with the music when there was some who knew how to give the best high five I think I have ever seen a three year old attempt.)

Steve:  "And I told the MCC Pastor in AZ to quit shunning the exgays and how they are a part of the whole gay experience."  :::::awwww man crying again!::::::: Randy:  "And if the church can boycott this and that she needs to quit being silent and speak up against people like Phelps and Enyart.  Until then gays are going to continue to die and the gospel is not going to get out in that community."

It was like that most of the discussion.  I don't think that there was any disagreement at any point.

After about and hour or so everyone started leaving.  I met the young men from Denton earlier but didn't really get to talk to them until people I really felt for one of them who is trying to work with the local campus crusade group up there. If you are reading this my friend (I am cross posting this to many sources), I am praying the Lord will remind me to pray for you to have peace as you seek to communicate with these people. Don't forget my encouragement to you to seek to serve them as Jesus would. Regardless of homosexuality, there won't be any peace if the focus is to make a point... just be. They may never be able to agree with you on certain subjects but if you can teach grace by extending grace or teach mercy by extending it in humility and love. Seek to model Christ and you will be transformed and that will be your "light on a hill" for others to see. I love ya' man and I don't even know you. :) But then again, maybe I do in some way. started going. 

We were all walking to our cars, Pastor Bob was talking about looking forward to a Nyquil kind of night (he is so sick, please Lord heal him.)  I am going to spend the day with Steve tomorrow and go to the Concert in Denton tomorrow night.  I look forward to tomorrow.

* * * * * *

From Floyd
November 19, 1998

A great big tip of the hat to Steve and Pastor Bob and Randy and all involved. This sort of stuff just shoots the old hope-o-meter right off the scale. 

(Side note #1: If this doesn't prove God's existence, nothing will.) 

(Side note #2: What's a Whataburger?)

From Randy
November 19, 1998

Simply God's favorite hamburger. You can find the scripture reference in ummmm Exodus 147:3. 

Sorry for the irreverance, hope to not offend :) 

It is just a good o' greasy hamburger fast food chain that is scattered around the south. 

Thanks for your comments everyone. Today was very terrific for me in ways that I am still processing. I will post the whole deal probably tomorrow.

From Piglet (Steve's brother)
November 19, 1998

After getting in from the University of North Texas and spending a couple of hours visiting, we crashed cause my poor little wife had to get Steve up at 4:00 AM to get to the airport. I was a little disappointed cause Steve didn't even take time to take pictures with my children (whom he hadn't seen in 5 years). Well sweet little wife got up bright and early and had him at the airport by 5:30 AM so he wouldn't miss his flight. By the way, not that we are ever put out by Steve or anything but the airport is 45 miles from my house. Not just 45 miles, but 45 Dallas miles. 

So....she drops him off and I have to get up at 6:30 AM to get the kids ready for school. We are talking about 2 kids who woke up without a goodbye from Uncle Steve. At about 7:15 AM, my wife pages me and asks me if I was online cause she couldn't call the house. I went into the computer room and found that my dear brother had run off to the airport leaving the internet on. That tied up my phone for about 3 hours. 

I have said all of that to get to the heart of the Steveism. At about 7:30 AM, my telephone rings and it is my dear brother on the other line. I thought that he had probably realized how badly he had shunned my children by running off without a hug or goodbye. I thought it was a very nice gesture on his part to call from the air and make amends for his rude behavior. As he began to speak, I realized that my caller ID was showing him to be at a pay phone on ground level. This was rather odd since I figured he should've been at about 35000 feet. 

As One Big Head began to speak, he told me that he had been trying to call for a couple of hours but the phone just rang and rang. He then proceeded to tell me that he had gotten his days mixed up and was supposed to fly to Denver on Friday instead of Thursday and he needed a ride back to my house. 

I have said all of that to say this. Steve will not be given internet privileges at my house today, therefore will be offline. If you have a really urgent message you may send it to me. I will evaluate the urgency and then probably trash can the message, but anyway you may send it to 

Thank you and God Bless the United States of America. 

PS:  Hey dos, maybe you could line up something at the University of Arkansas. He's worn out his welcome here. 

PPS:  Martha....good luck in Cincy.

Steve in prison
November 19

I swear I do not know what Piglet is talking about. His creepy little kids never gave me a moment's peace. If I was on the couch using my computer, there they'd be hanging all over me reading my screen. 

I was alternately a horse, a trampoline, a May pole, and the listening post at a magpie convention. Oh, sure, they're cute. But you see that's all a trick. The idea is to overwhelm you with kidhugs, which are totally invulnerable, but before you know it, they got your wallet, your clothes, your books and your sanity. 

As for the photo he didn't take, he was the one with the camera AND the one who was supposed to be watching out for me, a role he volunteered for. He even typed up a little agenda and said to just leave everything to him. I mean, he allowed me to go to the airport WITHOUT checking my ticket himself? 

What, just totally exactly if you don't mind, was THAT all about? 

It's not like he doesn't know me or isn't used to me. It's not like I haven't been parading my mental vacuities like medals won in some war against intelligent behavior and practical living. 

So, anyway, you should have seen him when he pulled up. He was so happy that we were spending another day together. And if you think he's some innocent non-Schalchlin himself, at one point on our drive back to his house, when I was being really vulnerable and dare I say it, Loving, I said to him, "I wish you could be with me all the time." 

He said, "I know. I get that all the time." 

It's so difficult to be Big Head when you're surrounded by other Bigger Heads.

From Piglet
November 19

Please read this in response to Steve's prison message. As you can see, if you hang around Steve long enough, the real Steve comes out. DOS....tell em what Little Stevie was like growing up as a brother. He used to hit me on the head with his senior he's trashing my poor defenseless children. 

From Moose (Steve's smart brother)
November 19

Piglet, God was punishing Steve for making fun of me to my sweet little niece, Elizabeth. Does Steve's readers know how mean he is to his little brother??? He's not quite as humanitarian as he presents himself.

November 19

Your niece and I were merely laughing at your bad haircut and the fact that you are... uh... not as bright as you pretend, to put it nicely. 


(Love you moose) 

From Moose
November 19

You really don't want Steve as a brother because then he'll start ignoring you for his fans... 

November 19

I'm sorry. Who is this again? 

From Mother
November 20

I am the Mother and now you know why I am nutz!!!!!!

From dos
November 20

I am not a Steve follower.....he always wanted to be like me growing up so there is no reason for me to follow him. He is jealous of me and my good looks. He will never be as great as I am although he pretends to be. were nutz before us kids so don't use US as an excuse....just look who you married.

November 21

I'm coming home today after three weeks!!! Can't wait. 

Denver last night was stunning as usual. Two standing ovations and much hugging. Nowadays I don't even give people the option to just shake hands unless, by their body language I can tell they are the "huggy" type.

The event was in this majestic gothic Episcopal church building and I was playing a grand piano. But they didn't have a boom stand for the microphone, so I put the mic on a regular mic stand and stuck it just in front on me. 

I opened the show by saying, "I don't usually play piano with a pole between my legs..." 

(big laugh thank goodness) 

The local press completely ignored the event -- Good enough for the Boston Globe but not quite good enough for the Rocky Mountain News :-) -- but we had a great turn-out anyway. 

I also met a lady was the past director of Exodus International. That happened because of my report on the Dallas Baptist Church. Lord, I just keep getting further and further into the devil's lair. 

(just kidding of course...)

November 21

The first chapter of The FULL MONTY has been posted under "Dickie's Personal HIV Theory".

And welcome home Steve!

November 9, 1998
Playbill Online announces L.A. Engagement

L.A. Laguna Last Session Moves to Tiffany, Opens December 5th

November 11, 1998
Auditions are being held in Austin!

Playbill Online

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles production information is up on "The Last Session" site! 

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