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Cover image for the new CD, Beyond The Light.
This is what the disc itself will look like.

Laguna Playhouse appearance Aug. 12

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July 11-22, 2002.
A Great Day.
Friday was the best day I've had in a long time so I want to write it down before I forget it. Two great things happened. First, I delivered to the manufacturer the new CD; end of a month-long process. Secondly, we had our first "work-through" of The Big Voice (TBV) with our director, Anthony Barnao.

Jimmy was in the Bobby Nigro Mission Chair. Anthony was in the chair that replaced the Jeopardy Chair. I was on the couch. Jimmy announced right at the top of the meeting,  "It's too fat. I've been cutting, cutting, cutting." He had spent all morning chiseling the diamond. (Sondheim said you have to be "ruthless" with your material.)

Jimmy and Anthony, who have known each other for a very long time, think alike. They both have very theatrical instincts and a great deal of experience. I, on the other hand, the only real theatre experience I've had, aside from The Last Session, is a year at the Grand Crystal Palace in Dallas back in the 70s. Up until the day I walked through the door of the Grand Crystal Palace, I never knew this world existed. This World of the Theatre.

(I'm tempted to do a long disgression here because the fact that TLS is going to be produced in Dallas this year and they've invited me to go back has sent my mind spinning. The Big Voice: God or Merman is turning into the story of how two guys started out as ministers but found the theatre as our "church.")

Jimmy was very proud of himself because he had made some famous Brooklyn restaurant's black-out cake for Anthony. Our sink, by the way, is piled high because the building was having major plumbing issues and we had no water and the house stunk. (It still stinks. The sink leaked and it soaked the wood beneath it and it's gonna stink until it dries.)

We already have a running gag where I am totally the goat, by the way. It's really stupid and there's no way to explain it, but I'll try some day. Just not now. Instead, here's a little photo tour of the past couple of weeks.

First, we visited Lucille Ball's grave for good luck. But it was gone. They've moved her ashes back to Jamestown. Jimmy thinks she wouldn' t have liked it, but I think she would have hated the idea of being stuck next to Gary Morton the rest of her Infinity as an even worse fate.

Then we went with Rita Baker and Robin Gehr to the closing night of Jimmy's FAT CHANCE  It was sad to see it close but a great experience, nonetheless.

Two days later we were in Laguna Beach. Upon seeing the trolley above, I remarked that it seemed ironic that public transportation would be free in a place where people have a lot of money. But then I saw that it's all based on parking. There is no parking space in Laguna so they need those trolleys. It AIN'T just rich folks who go to Laguna. I saw a lot of families, too. Lots of kids.


Jim Brochu, master spy in the upcoming feature THE SPY WHO LOVE CAKE suddenly sees something across the street.

Yes. It's the ocean.

The center of downtown is pressed to the ocean by these cliffs. It's a beautiful town, by the way. Very easy to fall in love with.

The cottage-like Cedar Creek Inn where we all used to hang out when TLS was in Laguna. Lots of memories in that place.

Laguna Playhouse has a modern southwestern type architecture.
It's really beautifully laid out.

This is the entrance from the other side. They're running "Always Patsy Cline" with Sally Struthers. We went to see it last Saturday night and Sally was absolutely brilliant. So was the woman playing Patsy.

The little walkway leading to the door and what's this? Why, it's us!

Jimmy hugging Rick Stein. That's Andy Barnicle, the Artistic Director. We sat around the big table for a production meeting.

That's Jim Ryan our Production Manager and the big stage.

Pics of the seating and the house from the stage. The lights were off which is why the color is washed out but it's a very modern warm room to play in.

I have more stories to tell but I think I'll save them for the next entry or I'll never get this posted.
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