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The Orpheum Theatre.
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July 1-6, 2004.
The Couch, The Car & The Tow Truck.
So Jimmy's in Chicago and I'm on the couch. The sore throat did not go away and since it's the holidays and the doctor's office is closed, I spent July 4th lying on the couch.

However, it's not TERRIBLE. One night was kinda bad. When I tried to go to sleep, I kept coughing, which kept irritating my throat which made me cough which kept irritating my throat...

So I've been carefully not moving. When I got too bored, I got up and cleaned out the medicine cabinet, washed the dishes and even cooked for myself. Just before he left, Jimmy showed me how to broil chicken to a nice crispy black around the edges (yes, I really do love that).

I also found some old comfort food. Longtime readers might remember that back when my health was in critical disaster mode -- unable to process foods -- the one thing I could eat was chicken curry, yellow, Thai style. So, on my way back from the grocery store a couple of nights ago, I ran across a Thai restaurant I hadn't been to in forever. I went in, ordered two chicken curries to go and had the most glorious meal sitting right here in Jimmy's chair, with Steinbeck the Potroast-Sized Cat lying on my lap.

(He always joins you on the chair if you're eating.)

I've tried writing but can't concentrate. I've had a couple of text windows open to two separate lyric ideas and so far there's one line on each of them. It's like I'm just zoned. If I move around, I risk getting sicker. If I sit or lie quietly, I almost feel okay -- until I start to think.

I finally saw the doctor, bless him, on Tuesday. Went down to the pharmacy to get antibiotics and on the way back, decided to stop in to get more chicken curry.

And the car wouldn't start. Or, it would start but wouldn't stay running.

I noticed across the street was a car repair shop so I pushed the car across the street (with help from a stranger) and found out it was a bad or clogged fuel pump. Car's still under warranty, so I called Ford Roadside Assistance and they sent a tow. Took it to the Ford place, put the key in the igntion. Purred like a cat.

But at least I am now officially on my way to getting well.

July 7-15, 2004.
LA Daze & OutFest 2004.
Determined to make myself well, I spent the entire week or two doing nothing but lying in bed, eating and resting. And then it hit me. Why was I so feeling so bad if I had no fever? No sign of sickness. Because I had forgotten that every year at this time, without fail I forget the fact that post nasal drip hits me and it messes up my throat and everything else.

And every year I go through this and every year I think I have a cold.

So I started taking an ant-gunk med and, boom, all better.

Funny how that works.

Once again, just like last year, I was invited my friend David Ehrenstein, who is a film critic, newspaper/magazine writer and bloggist to this year's GLBT film festival called OutFest.

Jim Fall, director of "Trick" and "The Lizzie McGuire Movie."
Standing in line to get in.

Through the lobby.

A crowd in the lobby.

The set-up for the VIP party before the event.

My favorite t-shirt.

"Momma" was there! (Not a party without Momma).

Lots of food. Beef skewers in coconut shells.
Mango salsa in (somewhat) edible baskets.
Those "roses" are salmon wrapped around cream cheese on a stick.
Mango soup.

Classy comic actress Holland Taylor.

David Ehrenstein with producer David Hu of Strand Releasing.

R.: Journalist/activist Gabriel Rotello

Then, I got to meet someone I consider one of the best movie director/writers in the business, Todd Haynes. His "Far From Heaven" last year slayed me.

David Ehrenstein & Todd Haynes.

Inside the Orpheum.

We went back into the Orpheum for the main ceremony when this usher came up to me and said, "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THIS FAMOUS THEATRE GUY, AREN'T YOU???"


"Yeah, that girl over there in the dreadlocks says you're, like one of the best theatre actors or something in the business! I want to meet you!"

Since I never get recognized anywhere I ran over to see who it was and...

A TLS FAN ushers us in!!
I remembered her well from our Laguna production but her name has totally slipped my brain. Hopefully, someone will write me and remind me. Please?

Two views of the organist.

Todd Haynes takes the podium to accept his award.

Film director Todd Haynes & me.

So that was my last week in L.A. I loved meeting Todd Haynes -- and everytime David introduced me to a director or a producer my first question was always, "Hey! Want to produce a musical?? I got one!"



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