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Rehearsing TLS in Omaha.
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June 8, 2004.
Rehearsing TLS in Omaha.
On Monday, Snap! Productions assembled the original cast of TLS-Omaha for a staged reading of TLS. Well, not the whole cast. Unfortunately, Cory Sanchez with the unbelievable R&B voice was just out of jaw and mouth surgery so they had to turn to the only available Gideon in town. Yes, yours truly.

What was interesting about this reading was, in order to accommadate an expected overflow crowd, we held the reading at North Side Christian Christian Church as a benefit for the church itself in appreciation of the support they lend to various theatre companies around town when those companies need rehearsal space.

Steve leading the music rehearsal.

Ryan McGuigan goofing off before we start.
Ryan now has his own rock band in Omaha.

Kathy Tyree is a warm but feisty Tryshia.

D. Laureen Pickle brings comic madness to Vicki.

Tom is cool, cynical Jim.

Ryan rehearsing Friendly Fire.

Tom rehearsing Friendly Fire.

Steve brings a cool, commanding perfection to Gideon..
(This note written by Steve).

Kathy & Laureen hadn't seen each other in a long time.

TLS-Omaha with Steve.

It was a fairy tale wedding and I was the fairy.

You can see the room we played to in this shot.

Kathy is a joy to work with.
Tuesday night we had a packed house for the reading. The audience response was explosive and emotional. After a semi-rough read-through the day before, it went as smooth as glass Tuesday night. I was so proud of these actors.

And, best of all, we raised $700 for the church!

Coming up: An Omaha photo album and the sad story of Frankie Pane's.
June 9-13, 2004.
Second Weekend Sold Out.
I have a long diary entry with pictures almost completed but I'm getting behind so I thought I'd throw in a quick one. This past weekend (Thursday thru Sunday) was a record breaker for the theatre. On one night, they sold more tickets and had the biggest "take" at the bar -- I guess we make people want to drink -- than any other show in their history at this venue.

I wish I had a recording of the EXPLOSIONS of laughter and applause coming out of that theatre. This next weekend, our last here in Omaha, is turning into more of the same. Two nights are already sold out and the others are going fast.

My morning at North Side Christian with Rev. Nancy Brink was also a great success. Lots of tears and laughter and applause.

Jimmy ran off to Chicago to cast Africa Plumbridge and I'm here at the apartment doing laundry and cleaning up. such an exciting life I live sometimes.

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