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Living in the Bonus Round

Tech Day is Hell.
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January 27-28, 2003
Tech Already?
On Monday, because we were still getting used to being in a new place, different coast, etc. we had a simple day. We got up on the stage and just performed the show for Amanda and Sanjin. (They would work the following morning on getting the lights hung and focused.) Later we went to dinner with Bud, this great guy I met last time we were here. I got home and fell asleep on the couch almost immediately.

"Oh, no," Jimmy said, listening to his phone messages. "Ann Marie called while we were online. We have a photo call at 11 am. And it's 10:30 now." I got on the phone to Ann Marie, apologized profusely for stupidly forgetting to turn on our cell phone and told her that we had a hair appointment at noon.

"Could the photographers do it at 1?" I asked, sheepishly. Ann Marie, who is the nicest person in the world, did not scold me like she should have. Instead, she got the photo call appt. changed and we pushed back tech rehearsal to 3. (Thank you, babydoll).

This is Ann Marie:

This is Jim in the cold:
First, we drove into town to get our hair done by Markis, who has the greatest laugh. His salon is in this great old brick building with HUGE plate glass windows on the corner of Park and Meigs.

The snowy neighborhood looks beautiful in the plate glass windows.

Then, we drove over to the DCT 1 (Downstairs Cabaret Theatre 1) to meet up with Chris & Ann Marie.

Next up was our photo call. This picture kinda says it all:

Jimmy looks like he's floating in the air.

L to R: Bob is designing the posters. Kathy and Kent were the photogs.
After the photo call, we rushed over to the theatre for tech. The stage is beginning to take shape. Keith (who left before I took his picture), Sanjin and Amanda had already hung and focused the lights, painted some of the set pieces and hung a canvas behind us. A very hard working crew. (Chris has a good nose for finding talented people).

Sanjin, Lighting Designer. Amanda the evil Stage Manager.

Production Manager Dan.

On the stage during set-up.
(And yes, the back scrim will be pulled tight for the show).

Here we be!

It was a long day. We went through the script, one light cue at a time, choosing light combinations, while Sanjin wrote them in. The light board is manual so Amanda is going to have her hands full running the show. Luckily, our cues are not complicated. But it was still a hard day. I fell asleep in the lobby during our 10 minute break. By the time we got home, we were exhausted.

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