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Living in the Bonus Round

Here we are on Broadway!
(Fantasy photo created by diary reader Harry R. Cooper)
Makes it seem so real. Thanks, Harry!
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January 27-28, 2003
A Conspiracy.
Oh, no! A burst water pipe! Down at the theatre! A flooded lobby! Today the temperature went up to a comfortable just below freezing and suddenly a copper pipe went pop. It even set off the burglar alarm which finally stopped after half a day of squealing.

Jim says there's a devious conspiracy against us. Something or someone is trying to prevent this production of The Big Voice in Rochester. "Think about it," he said ominously. First comes the biggest winter storm since before Fred Astaire hit the boards, delaying us for two weeks. Then last Monday night when we went out for dinner, Jimmy reminds me that we sat in the dark because the circuits were out because of... a flood. Burst pipes.

COINCIDENCE??? I think not. Could it be.... Satan??!!??

In order to avoid yesterday's miscommunication, I called Ann Marie as soon as we were up and around. Sure enough,  she had our recording session all booked and ready. She also had an actress, Brandy (?) lined up to read one of the voiceovers, a newscaster. (The recording we had been using was my voice digitally altered up to sound female but which actually sounded more like Mickey Mouse reading the news).

Recording the voiceover. Ain't she cute?
Well, the recording session went really well. We improved a few of the sound cues, trimmed a few others, and came away with a more professional sounding CD but it was during that session that Amanda called with the bad news that the theatre's lobby had flooded from a burst pipe.

Keith is working as an assistant on the production.

We ended up going home, opting to have a runthrough tomorrow morning, though the crew chose to work without us tonight after they got everything ready. At home, we finally had a chance to go grocery shopping. We also worked on our program credits and sent out a lot of promotional emails.

Tomorrow night, first preview in front of an audience.

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