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Life's a Beach (and then you open).
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"When You Care"

An Online Diary of the
1998 Laguna Playhouse Production

featuring Jim Brochu, Amy Coleman, P.M. Howard, Michele Mais, Bob Stillman, Joey Traywick, Positoids, NuBiHes and lavish amounts of love.

Part 10: Opening Night.

Laguna Beach.
Opening night.

Not only that, but on this tuxedoed opening night, with a computer monitor in the lobby showing this website, and a full house, the audience stopped the show with mega applause at least four times. Amy destroyed them with "Somebody's Friend," Joey killed them with "Going It Alone," Maisey knocked 'em out with "Singer and the Song," and Bob got the most extended ovation of the night with "Connected." It was a truly spectacular response.

The LA Times has reviewed us also and given us a great and loving notice called Music's Charms Work Again. Daryl H. Miller said:

"...Written from the heart, Schalchlin's gospel-tinged pop songs exert a rare emotional pull. Again and again, a fierce drive overtakes the tunes' melancholic strains. It is life catching hold again, hope rising on powerful wings."

"...Individually, Stillman, Traywick, Mais and Coleman are vocal dynamos; united in harmony, they are heaven on Earth. As they sing such songs as "Connected"--about an AIDS patient who is as eternally connected to his loved ones as to the hospital's monitors and IVs--the audience joins in with a chorus of sniffles."

"...By the time the singers declare "You can only lift the darkness when you care," they have convinced the audience that they are delivering the gospel truth.

We also got a fantastic review from the Orange County Register but I don't have a copy here at the apartment and they are not online. Also, look at Sunday's Talkin' Broadway Rialto for an article about Stillman -- and a review to come later.

I also got a note in my guestbook from Vivien on Australia:

Saw the first reading of "The Last Session" last night in Melb. Brilliant and can only hope this one makes it big here in OZ. THIS IS NOT A MUSICAL! it is something that touches the soul. PS Wear waterproof mascara , laugh and cry its a two tissue experience. cast was fab so keep the momentum going!!!! Regards Viv Vivien Ellard Melbourne, VVIC Australia - Saturday, September 19, 1998
Myself, I was a wreck the whole night. I got to meet V.J. from Talkin' Broadway at long last and I sat Mark Bakalor right next to me. He's the one who designed my new index page and the new TLS logo for this site using my fan photos.

Also, Gary and Linda from the Zephyr Theater were there, Ronda & Kim, Carl & Jamie from NY, Aunt Michael, and Ted & David who hosted our very first reading in their living room. Also, Marie Cain was there and everyone who had seen the NY production commented that they felt this production was even better. (love that!).

Naturally, we missed Binky and Grace and Dean from the NY cast but they were there in spirit. I took photos but it will be a couple of days before I get them all scanned and stuff. And have I mentioned what a great pleasure it is to work with this cast? Well, it is. I love them all.

My beloved Uncle Dick died of cancer this week. I called my mom and grandma and spoke with them. Mom was grateful that he didn't suffer much but it was a shock since they thought the bone marrow transplants had worked. But you just never know, do you?

I've also been bugging my friends begging to lend me $1300 so I can buy my plane tickets for my fall tour. Hey, how come I'm so famous and still broke??? (Ask the IRS). ANYHOO... the cats are still alive and well. We've been calling Steinbeck "Velcro" since if either one of us is around, he sticks to us like glue. What a cutie.

Also, thanks for then many emails and good wishes about the opening. I apologize if my answers have been short or late. It's difficult being your intrepid reporter PLUS big time composer/lyricist, ya know. But it's cool. We'll be busy over the weekend, then we'll have Monday at home and I'll get the photos posted, etc.


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