Incubation Period
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Living in the Bonus Round

The cats didn't want me to go on my trip.
Or was it time for breakfast?
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April 20-24, 2004.
The Rain in Austin Texas.
I was so excited to be a guest performer at the Austin LifeCycle. Not only would I be performing a mitzvah but I'd get to see my brother Scott (aka Moose) and his totally extra cool wife Jill. (I like all my brothers' wives. But Jill is a rock and roll musician. She plays guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and sings.)

Unfortunately for our weekend, though, the weather decided to not cooperate. On Saturday morning, a deluge began roaring down out of the skies and the organizers of the event had to cancel the whole big camping out part of the ride.

I was so disappointed! They had this place, Krause Springs which sounded beautiful, all picked out. A natural spring with waterfall and swimming pool. All the bikers would bike there -- about 60 miles or so -- camp overnight (everyone in their own tents), and then they'd have a big luau and picnic with singing and celebration.

I had my camera fired up and ready! But it was not to be.

The disappointment was shared by my friend "Thomas of Lourdes" from Houston. It was in his voice when he called me Saturday morning to give me the news. I thought of all the bikers and how much they had been training for this and looking forward to it. Luckily, I did take pictures when we went to register for the event.

Here's the logo: an AIDS ribbon with bike tires.

People arriving to register and put packages together.

Registration table.

The atmosphere was joyful, loving and fun.

Volunteers got bright green shirts.

The Tarrytown Baptist Church
Site of the registration and orientation.

The orientation for the volunteers and coordinators was in the sanctuary.
Our plan was to get to the springs early and help out.
"Make sure the riders stay hydrated along the route!"

Tom of Lourdes talking to one of the event coordinators.

This is David. I think he was in charge.
Tom said he's beautiful inside and out.

Ah, the age of cellphones.
What did volunteer organizations do without them?

A trailer full of signs to be posted along the route of the AIDS ride.

I turned this one upside down so you could read it.
All of these are lovingly hand made by volunteers.

However disappointed I might have been about the rain, I can't imagine how disappointed all the incredible people must have felt. They still plan to bike, but it won't be the beautiful elaborate thing they had worked so hard for.

it was fun hanging out with Scott and Jill. They decided that we should go see a movie at this theatre they've been bragging about. First to choose the movie: Kill Bill Vol. 2. (And yes, that was Jill's choice, too. In fact, we had debated about seeing the Jim Carrey movie but Jill didn't want to see that).

We get to this theatre. On the screen is running all a collage of all these endless kitcshy karate movies, anime, old TV shows, Quentin Tarrantino previews for his other films. It's also advertising staring contests and other assorted fun theatre adventures, including one where they take an old silent Buster Keaton movie ("The General"?) which features fantastic train stunts. Everyone meets at a pre-appointed place, they get on a train, go out into the woods, set up a movie screen and show the Buster Keaton flick with a rock band doing the musical accompaniment.

Anyway, as we got to our seats I noticed that they looked peculiar. Each row had a table. It was like dinner theatre! There was a menu, scads of legroom... so we ordered up food and sat back and watched Kill Bill Vol. 2 together (a movie I loved even more than Kill Bill Vol. 1).

It's Sunday morning now and time for church so I'll sign off and continue this later.

Oh, except for the fact that after we go home, we watched a three hour marathon of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Iron Chef America.

And they call me the gay brother.

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