Incubation Period
Volume 3 Book 9 Part 9 of
Living in the Bonus Round
Sue Carey
Present at the (re-)birth.

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May 20-21, 2004.
Reading Africa.
The big day had arrived.

For weeks now, since we got back from Chicago, Jimmy has been rewriting the book for a new musical called "Africa Plumbridge," based on the real life story of our new friend Sue Carey, featured in the Chicago diary entries.

Sue brought her daughter Africa and the composer (with Sue) of the piece, Karena Mendoza.

Africa Plumbridge Carey.

Dancer Curtis Collins came to our little reception.

Jonelle Allen
Tony Award winner Jonelle Allen.

Sue with Jay & Joan Morgenstern.

Sue CareySue Carey, Jim Brochu
Sue arrives in West Hollywood!
Dances with wolves.

Greeting Gary Guidinger & Linda Tolliver at the Zephyr Theatre.

After we tooled around town for a bit, seeing a few sights. Then we went to the Zephyr Theatre on Melrose, birthplace of TLS and co-birthplace of TBV to visit Gary and Linda -- and to introduce them to Sue.

Then it was time. Jimmy had just finished putting the finishing touches on the book. It was fresh out of the printer. And Sue arranged for it to be a truly Hollywood moment: She took us to the garden of the Beverly Hills Hotel and we collectively read the new script out loud.

Jim BrochuKarena Mendoza
Jim Brochu & Karena Mendoza.

Sue Carey
Sue reading her lines.

The show is a modern pop rock R & B musical -- a true story lived by Sue and Africa -- how Africa survived a dreadful childhood, and how they found each other in a home for abused kids leading to a court trial and subsequent adoption. It's a thrilling story with a hot, melodic score. By the end, we were all laughing out loud and crying real tears. I'm so proud of Jimmy's work on this -- and proud of Sue and Africa for telling their story and allowing it to be told.
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