Incubation Period
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Living in the Bonus Round

The pride of the community: The Bastrop Opera House.
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April 25-26, 2004.
The Yacht Club of Bastrop Texas.
When I got home from Texas this morning, I confessed something to Jimmy in the care. I said, "Don't hate me, but I took my brother Scott and his wife Jill out to dinner last night at The Yacht Club. And I paid for it all. I don't even want to tell you what the bill came to."

I was about to tell him when we pulled into the apartment building. He had a surprise for me: the Jasons and a friend were in from Ithaca, New York because they were taking a cruise originating in Los Angeles. I didn't have my camera out so I'll have to wait until Jason sends me the photos he took. But it was so good to see them. I then drove them down to San Pedro where they boarded the new Monarch of the Seas.

Back home, though, I knew I was going to have to face the music about the restaurant bill. First, though, a few snapshots of the weekend. I didn't get one of Jill, just so you know. The two of them work really hard and our weekend consisted, mostly, of eating and watching videos.

Two dogs. The black one gets jealous if you give love to the white one.

Bastrop, Texas is being reclaimed and refurbished.
These old buildings have been remodeled with new stores.

They have kept the western character of the town.

This is a vacant lot downtown.

Here's another. It was recently a store that burned down.
This is my favorite photo of the whole trip.

My brother in front of the Chamber of Commerce sign.
As you can see, I'm much better looking.

Street planter in Bastrop Texas.

I snapped this because of the sign:
Antiques, Wine and Ice Cream.

Bastrop Academy of Dance.

It sits on a small street just off the main drag.
The opera house is nearest to us.

The Bastrop Opera House was constructed in 1889.

I love this old staircase leading up to a door.

Currently running. This was in the window.

The glass doors.

The streetlamps line the road.

A tourist center on the main drag.

A church. Or is it a synagogue?
It has a tall spire with a wind.

Okay. It's not a synagogue.
I wonder if it ever was?

Down to the waterfront, the Colorado River.

They have festivals along this riverfront.

Old Town near the water front.

And finally... we come to it. The Yacht Club along the beautiful Colorado River:

The Yacht Club, Bastrop Texas.

Finally I told him the bad news. Three of us for dinner. All the amenities: $30. I don't know how we're gonna eat this week. And the cats! The cats will starve!

I wasn't at the campsite since there was no chance to perform on Sunday, but the bike riders were on TV at the airport the next day celebrating even though they only got to do half the ride they had planned. Next year!

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